Built to Last
A Business Insurance Guide for Architects, Engineers, and Design Professionals

Working as a solo architect, contract engineer, or other self-employed design professional definitely has its perks. Solo architects, for example, have the flexibility to choose projects that interest them and collaborate with other design professionals, all out of the comfort of their own home. According to "Going It Alone: Practice as a Solo Practitioner," a presentation by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), more than 21 percent of architects work as sole practitioners. That number is about three times higher than most other professions.

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More than 21% of architects work as sole practitioners.

Likewise, more and more experienced engineers are choosing ditch their employee status in favor of becoming "career contractors." Contract positions allow engineers to work on interesting, high-caliber projects. Many engineers are drawn to the variety, while others are drawn to the cash. According to the article "Contract Engineering Jobs" on Today's Engineer, contract engineers can earn "10 to 15 percent above the market rate for permanent employees."

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Contract engineers earn 10 - 15% above market rate for permanent employees.

But working as a freelance design professional also has its drawbacks. For one thing, job security is not always a given. For another, you are solely responsible for shouldering the business risk that your employer would otherwise have managed for you with their firm's business insurance plan.

Business insurance isn't just for large firms. Solo practitioners need to protect themselves, too. In this guide, we'll explore…

  • The risks and liabilities your small architecture, engineering, or design firm may face.
  • How business insurance works and why it's an essential part of your solo practice's continuity plan.
  • Which business insurance policies help architects, engineers, and designers survive lawsuits and unexpected physical damages.
  • How to find the business insurance policies that fit your risk profile.
  • How to manage your risks.

Read on to get practical advice on how to create your own business protection plan.

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