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Though architecture and design are similar, the two fields are often considered separate by industry outsiders. However, in the world of compelling interior workspaces, broadcast-ready newsrooms, and visitor centers with a welcoming appeal, architecture and design must be balanced. The creative minds at Provost Studio, LLC, a three-year-old design firm, understand this balance well. With offices in New York City and Raleigh, North Carolina, and a distinct knack for serving clients around the world, Provost Studio combines architecture and design to create compelling spaces, inside and out.

The Provost Studio website notes that the company's work "intersects the fields of architecture, interiors, branding and graphics," and this seamless intersection shows in everything from broadcast studios to corporate headquarters to cultural centers. "It's about the spatial experience," says Peter Provost, founder and principal of Provost Studio. "It's not just about picking some materials… It's not about what [a space] looks like," continues Peter, "it's how it performs and how it's going to help you do whatever you need to do." And it's this holistic approach to a project — creating a space that does more than fill a room — that helps Provost Studio stand out from the crowd.

Of course, the Provost approach doesn't only manifest in the end product. It's present from the first meeting with a client. The process begins with a "visioning session" to discuss logistics, strategy, and overall conceptualization, and moves seamlessly from there. But it's not all about visuals. "The thing with branded design," says Peter, " is that there's a certain level of specificity."

As with any design work, there is a specific goal: to communicate a given message with a set of defined soft collateral, including taglines and logos. But the goal at Provost Studios is, as Peter notes, "to make it a really interesting, fun, exciting, amazing, beautiful place to be." And it's with that goal in mind that Provost creates branded environments by transitioning a simple space into a location with purpose. "Because we're multidisciplinary," explains Peter, "we have the ability to deliver all of the components that go into branded environments." But as any small-business owner knows, a lot of behind-the-scenes work has to happen before any projects can begin — paperwork, permits, licensing, etc. — and sometimes that work is daunting. Fortunately, one component proved easy for Provost: getting small business insurance.

After hearing about Business Insurance Now, an insureon company, via both web searches and word of mouth, Peter found the perfect partnership with the online insurance company. "Communication is really important for me and I'm willing to pay a little bit more if I feel like communication is good," says Peter. "That's one of the things that I've really enjoyed [about insureon]." And he says the turnaround time for quotes has been outstanding as well, meaning Provost Studio can move forward without delay. But insureon is only one part of a reliable team.

Peter's experience in the world of design, project management, and construction spans more than 16 years with both domestic and international firms including Kohn Pederson Fox Associated and John Morton Worldwide. While that experience makes him well equipped to tackle a range of projects, he also recognizes the importance of having a good team. And he definitely does. Provost Studio is technically a one-man operation, but Peter enlists the help of three contractors, many of whom he's worked with in some capacity for more than a decade. Because of these longstanding relationships, he thinks of them as more than contract workers: "While they're contractors, I've worked with these guys for years," says Peter. "They're contract workers, but they're also creative partners."

And when a solid team shares a creative vision, the work benefits. Whether the project is for the Prime Minister of The Republic of Georgia (believe it) or a Chicago sports network, Provost Studio creates compelling environments for a variety of markets. You can, of course, still talk about architecture and design as separate entities, but a truly inspiring space can only come when the two intersect. And when you find that intersection, chances are you'll find Provost Studio at the center of it.

To learn more about branded environments and the intersection of art, design, and architecture, visit http://www.provost-studio.com.

Provost Studio, LLC
324 South Wilmington Street, Suite 223
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601
Phone: (919) 747-4543

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