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Blueprints for Your Architecture, Engineering, or Design Business

It's taken a lot of education and experience to get you where you are today: the owner of your own architecture, engineering, or design business. But you're not done learning just yet — you have to keep up with challenges that come with running a business. And as your business grows, your risks evolve, too.

In these articles and resources, you'll discover tips for managing the ups and downs of your business. You'll find ways to identify and minimize your liabilities, which can be a huge obstacle for design professionals just breaking into the business world.

Browse around and learn how to design your business to be as successful as it can be.

Top 5 Risks for Architects, Engineers, and Design Professionals

For design professionals, many risks crop up when a project moves out of your hands. Find out how to shield your business from the risks associated with scope creep, shoddy construction, and more.

Architect Professional Liability Considerations When Working with Clients

Communication is key when working directly with clients, especially if you want to minimize the chance of being sued. Find out what steps you can take to ensure you and your client start off on the right foot.

Professional Liability Concerns When Working with Contract Architects

Collaborating with other architects can give your team new ideas and provide innovative solutions, but there are some risks involved, too. Learn how to protect your business when hiring contractors.

Architects: Professional Liability Concerns for Public Contracts

When working on public projects, accountability is a huge concern. Learn what you need to know before signing on to work with the government.

Contracts to Manage Architects' Professional Liability

Discover issues your contracts should address and resources to help you draft contracts for your architecture business.

Managing Professional Liability with Internal Policies: Architects and Engineers

Find out what you need to consider when setting up internal policies for your business. Internal policies should address how clients get selected, communication protocol, and more.

Engineer Professional Liability Concerns with Clients

Engineers are responsible for educating clients about the project, and failure to do so could land them in court. Check out our advice on how to build a trusting relationship with your client.

Professional Liability Concerns When Working with Contract Engineers

If you're thinking about hiring contract engineers, learn what risks you might face and how to offset the extra liability.

Contracts to Manage Engineers' Professional Liability

Negotiating good contracts is essential for any engineering business. Find resources for drafting engineer contracts and tips on what to include.

Insurance Considerations for Engineering / Construction Projects

Insurance can protect your investments and allow your business to keep going when faced with an unexpected disaster. Discover how your standard insurance policies protect your business during projects and what other policies you may need for heavy industry and construction projects.

Still have questions? Contact one of our design insurance experts for additional advice on how to manage your firm's risks and insurance needs.

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