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While many people have seen surveyors taking measurements on the street, they probably don't realize just how important your work is — and how much depends on getting your measurements exactly right. Boundaries, real-estate transactions, and construction projects all hinge on a surveyor's work.

From a risk management perspective, this means your business has liability. Other businesses can sue you over your mistakes. Surveyor insurance protects you from lawsuit costs, property damage disputes, employee injury expenses, and other financial risks.

Because surveyors are often hired as contractors, they'll have to demonstrate that they have adequate insurance before they start work. Understanding your insurance now will save you time in the future when a client requires you to have coverage. What insurance do surveyors typically need?

Insureon's surveyor insurance agents can customize the following policies for your business…

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Surveyors & Civil Engineers: Protect Your Achievements

As an independent contractor or small surveying business, you'll want to find business insurance that covers your risk but isn't full of unnecessary and expensive coverages that don't apply to you.

The agents at insureon have helped other surveying companies find the right coverage. Whether you need Property Insurance policies to cover your theodolites and other business property or liability insurance to cover your business risk, our agents will design policies specifically for your business.

By tailoring your insurance to your business, you can often save on your premiums. In fact, insureon's customers often save up to 20 percent annually.

If you're ready for a free quote on surveyor insurance, fill out our online insurance application and an agent will email you quotes.

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