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The Small Business Insurance Policies Every Drafter & CADD Operator Should Carry

No matter what kind of drafting you specialize in - architectural, aeronautical, civil, mechanical, pipeline, electrical - you'll need a solid business insurance plan to protect your startup or growing business. As someone who's accustomed to scrutinizing details, it's no surprise that you'd take the same approach when you choose an insurance provider.

You work in a niche industry and many providers aren't prepared to recommend an effective plan to protect you from the unique risks and challenges associated with owning a drafting business. Fortunately, insureon works with agents who specialize not only in small-business insurance, but also in the insurance needs of professionals in your field. Below, we've compiled a list of the most important small-business insurance policies for drafters and CADD operators…

These policies are flexible - your agent can help you add and subtract coverage from these primary policies until you end up with a business insurance plan that is perfectly suited to the needs of your drafting business - nothing more and nothing less.

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When you're ready to receive small-business insurance quotes, contact an insureon agent who specializes in the insurance needs of drafters, CADD operators, and their businesses. Or complete our quick online application.

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