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By integrating software and hardware, control system and automation integrators make sure all the pieces fit together to build custom systems for client homes, production lines, and other facilities.

Your work is specialized, which means you could face lawsuits if systems aren't exactly what a client envisions. Even a small miscommunication could lead to massive legal bills. Given these risks, you'll want to protect your systems integration company with business insurance specifically designed to cover your liabilities.

Third-party lawsuits, slip-and-fall accidents, and property damage claims can trigger legal bills and financial losses. Business insurance tailored for control systems automation or integration businesses can keep you afloat even when you're threatened with hundreds of thousands of dollars in liabilities.

For systems integrators and automation specialists, our agents can customize the following insurance policies…

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Automation experts and systems integrators have unique business liabilities: you have software and hardware liabilities and you're responsible for satisfying customers who need custom-built systems. It's a tall order, which makes it important that you work with insurance agents who specialize in risk management for integration / automation businesses.

Insureon's agents can customize insurance policies to fit your business risk. Whether you work involves home automation, A / V design, or enterprise resource management, our agents will put together an insurance package that makes sense for you.

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