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5 Twitter Accounts Architects Should Follow

5 Twitter Accounts Architects Should Follow

Tuesday, May 10, 2016/Categories: Small Business Tips

With over 200 million active users on Twitter, choosing which feeds to follow is like trying to hear a whistle in a windstorm. There are a lot of voices vying for you attention. How can you know which ones are worth listening to?

Here’s the thing about Twitter: it may be overwhelming, but it also hosts a world of ideas that may be valuable to your firm. Perhaps the smart thing to do is to just jump in and see where it takes you. Here are our suggestions on where to start.

1. @AIANational

Let’s start with a no-brainer. The American Institute of Architects is the leading professional membership association for licensed architects. Its Twitter feed is full of convention reminders, contest announcements, and commentary on hot industry topics.

If the amount of information coming from the AIA's main feed is too much for you, try finding accounts more specific to your interests. For example, if you’re newly licensed or a recent grad, you might start with the AIA’s Center for Emerging Professionals (@AIACenterforEPs).

Sample tweet:

2. @ArchDaily

ArchDaily is an online resource for architects looking for latest news on project, products, events, and competition. But the coolest part about ArchDaily may be its global reach. Get inspiration from around the world with project photos and architect spotlights.

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3. @pubarch

Socially active architects and designers can make an impact on underserved populations by following Public Architecture's feed. The organization runs the 1+ program, which challenges firms of all sizes to pledge one percent or more of their time to pro bono service.

In addition to reading articles on architecture as a tool for social gain, you can also get alerts for potential pro bono projects.

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4. @bobborson

Bob Borson’s Life of an Architect blog is another great resource for the newly licensed. Sure, Borson gives you advice that can help propel you in your career, but he delivers them in such an engaging way that you may end up being a follower for life.

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5. @BusinessofArch

Being an architect requires meticulous attention to detail, and so does running your own business. Unfortunately, you were only trained in one of those arenas.

Enoch Sears, the man behind The Business of Architecture website, wants to help architects learn the ropes by offering free resources, including articles and podcasts on how to manage your firm’s reputation. You can also pick up a free copy of his eBook “Social Media for Architects.”

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The Twittersphere and Insurance

Just because Twitter has a lot to offer doesn’t mean you should jump head first into the fray. Social media invites a certain amount of cantankerous behavior, and it’s easy to get caught up in a war of tweets that ultimately damages your business. Post the wrong thing, and you could end up facing accusations of libel, copyright infringement, or misappropriation.

General Liability Insurance is your architecture firm’s defense against these and other types of advertising injury allegations. Make sure your architect General Liability policy has enough coverage before you blast off into the Twittersphere.

Twitter isn’t the only place to get fresh ideas. Check out “What Blogs and Books Architects are Reading?


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